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Destinations - Travel the World

Destinations – Travel the World

ℹ️ Read the adventure travel articles by choosing from the map below. Or navigate thru the continent archives of Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Oceania. This is the list of destinations that I wrote articles about. Obviously many countries lack content, but please stay connected and expect blog posts about other interesting places.

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My favorite places?

Many people often ask me what my favorite countries are. It’s quite hard to list favorite places since I always focus on the positive side of traveling. I enjoyed all my previous journeys, so I tend to include my 16 years of travel experience on the top of best things I ever did.

Nevertheless, Morocco, Guatemala, Brazil, Oman, Iran, Georgia, Portugal, Afghanistan, Switzerland, Bangladesh, China, Fiji, Peru, Cuba, Iceland, Russia, Uzbekistan, Poland, and Mali come quickly to my mind.

I also find rather interesting to go to the so-called “de-facto” states. The UN list of countries doesn’t include several nonrecogznied nations such as Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria or Somaliland. On my list of travel priorities, I find fascinating to explore such places.

I have a particular preference for dusty regions. My favorite places to travel are where it’s hot, dusty and far from the major cities. I can’t quite explain the reason why I like desolated areas. Probably a mix of feeling accomplished while exploring forsaken sites, with warm temperatures, and friendly people makes me search for these type of destinations.

Do you have any tips about where I should go next? Leave your comment below. Your opinion is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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