Travel Iraqi Kurdistan

Travel Info for Kurdish Iraq

Many people ask me why I visited Iraq and why I chose this country as a destination for summer holidays. Most people have in mind a Iraq with war, the only Iraq they see on television. Actually, many regions in Iraq live moments of tension and war, but in some areas more than others.

Useful Kurdish phrases

• Hello = Silaw
• Good morning = Beyanî baş
• How are you? = Çonî
• What's your name? = Nawî tu çiye?
• Nice to meet you = Xoşhalim bi nasînit
• I don't understand = Tênagim
• Excuse me = Lêm bibûre
• Thank you = Sipas dekem
• How do you say ... in Kurdish? = Çon delley ... bi Kurdí?
• I love you = Xoştim dewê

Kurdish Proverbs

• A home without guests, a village without shepherds, both are hopeless indeed.
• A shy woman is worth a city, a shy man is worth a goat.
• A thousand friends are too few; one enemy is one too many.
• Deal with your friends as if they will become your enemies tomorrow, and deal with your enemies as if they will become your friends tomorrow.

Where to go

• Erbil
• Amadiya
• Akre
• Barzan
• Dohuk
• Sulav
• Sulaymaniyah
• Halabja
• Zakho