Erbil city, Iraqi Kurdistan

Erbil is a fascinating city with lots of history and strong Kurdish values. A walk in the city is fantastic approach to this Iraqi region special and unique culture.

Erbil Qaysari Bazar Market Iraqi Kurdistan
Photo of Erbil Qaysari Bazar Market Iraqi Kurdistan

Erbil has some nice places to visit, bare in mind that the city has strong military protection so don’t be surprised if you’ll be searched while entering some public space like a garden or even a shopping mall.

During history, the city of Erbil has been under the rule of many different empires and rulers, such as the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Sasanians, Arabs and Ottomans. A visit to Erbil’s archaeological museum is a must since it contains only pre-Islamic artifacts and you can have an idea of what the city was about through out history.

Best Erbil attractions

  • Erbil Fortress
  • Minar garden
  • Qaysari bazar
  • Shanidar Park

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