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Welcome to my page with information about traveling in Iraqi Kurdistan.

This site shares information about travel in Kurdistan in northern Iraq, gathered during a trip in August 2009.

There are some other very nice blogs online (please check out my useful links section), I just try to add some extra stuff and hopefully give a better glance of the region in terms of new travel information, photos and videos.

Middle-east is a very unstable and you should know that travelling to this region is not 100% safe. This blog just shares travel information, and by this I mean that I am not responsible for any information or price change, or anything that can happen to you. Be conscientious and travel fine.

Sunset on top of Amedia’s 500 Years old Minarete

Why Travel in Iraqi Kurdistan?

Many people ask me why I visited Iraq and why I chose this country as a destination for summer holidays. Most people have in mind a Iraq with war, the only Iraq they see on television. Actually, many regions in Iraq live moments of tension and war, but in some areas more than others.

There exists however a different Iraq, an area north of the country, which maintains a de-facto independence since the first Gulf War in 1991 and in 2003 was included in the new Iraqi constitution as a federal state enjoying the status of a region with its own president and its own parliament.

Photo of View of Qalat street in center Erbil aka Hawler Iraq Kurdistan region August 2009
Photo of View of Qalat street in center Erbil aka Hawler Iraq Kurdistan region August 2009

The Kurdistan Region is somehow safe, protected by police and army checkpoints. This area is currently the most prosperous and richest in the country with a recent boom in terms of infrastructure and human conditions.

This region is located in the north and the only way of access is through the Ibrahim Khalil border, entering the city of Zakho.

I only intended to travel 2 days in Erbil, but ended up staying for the entire 10 days of my entrance permit.

Badinan Gate in Amadiyah, Iraqi Kurdistan Mountains August 2009
Badinan Gate in Amadiyah, Iraqi Kurdistan Mountains August 2009

The criteria for writing and sharing information here is the same I always use: I write without thinking much so expect a kind of easy way of writing vs reading. Forgive me some errors but in fact it is almost rare for me to read back what I just wrote and also as English is not my native language.

I try to give an overview of the country, best travel destinations, my favorite places to go, places to eat, adventures, reviews, photos, transportation, just a bit of everything I can remember to be useful to travel around the region.

Thank you for visiting this website and I hope you enjoy Iraq Kurdistan.

Photo Slideshow of Iraqi Kurdistan

Here’s a photo slideshow of all the Photos I took in Iraki Kurdistan.

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