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Buy phone SIM card in Afghanistan

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Buy phone SIM card in Afghanistan

Buying a phone sim card in Afghanistan is very easy and practical. You just need to have an unlocked phone that supports all kinds of SIM cards from various phone companies. You can buy a sim card at any Afghan city. And that’s it.

Comprar cartão de telefone no AfeganistãoComprar cartão de telefone no Afeganistão

When I passed by the city of Baghlan, I went to the first store selling mobile phones. I bought a new SIM CARD from Afghan Wireless company which costed 150 afghanis, and I even bought 2 refills of 50 afghanis each.

The guys at the mobile phones shop were very friendly and although no one spoke English, we could communicate. There was a guy dancing inside the shop. It was very interesting.

Buy phone SIM card in Afghanistan