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How to get Afghanistan Road Permit

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Afghanistan Road Permit

To drive your own car in Afghanistan you need a document that gives permission to enter the country with a vehicle. This document is called “road permit” or “permit of vehicle entrance to Afghanistan.”

As I traveled in Afghanistan with my car, besides the visa, I had to take also this document. Basically, in the embassy I had to make a written statement describing what he would do in Afghanistan and what my itinerary.

The price of this document is $100 dollars. After making the money payment in the bank, you have to take the receipt to the embassy to retrieve the passport and visa documents.

Afghanistan Road Permit

I had one month authorization to drive in Afghanistan, entering the Tajik border Panj, going through Badakhshan, Kunduz and Kabul. In the document for driving in Afghanistan comes all the car data and the information of my visa.

Even if you have the carnet de passage, you must also have this document to enter Afghanistan with a car, motorcycle or truck.