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Map of Tirana Albania

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Map of Tirana AlbaniaTirana is not a very big city and its center is located near the most famous streets and avenues called Bulevardi Marsel Kashen and Boulevardi Shqiperia.

From Tirana city center you can see Mount Dajt in the distance.

The Historical Museum of Tirana is located in the center of the big Avenue Deshmorete e Kombi.

Tirana most famous monuments and places to visit are Tirana Castle, Clock Tower, Et’hem Bey Mosque, Tabak Bridge, Skanderbeg Square, Preze Castle, Petrele Castle, Tirana Mosaic, Kapllan Pasha’s Grave, Archaeological Museum, Natural Sciences Museum, Sali Shijaku Traditional House, Big Park on the Artificial Lake, St Paul’s Cathedral, Orthodox Church of the Holy Evangelical and the Zemra e Krishtit Catholic Church of Tirana.

Map of Tirana Albania

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Map of Tirana Albania