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About my Travel in Albania

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About my Travel in AlbaniaAlbania is a country in eastern Europe which borders with Montenegro to the north, northeast with Kosovo, Macedonia to the east, east and south with Greece and west to the Adriatic Sea.

It had been years that I wanted to visit Albania.

In the summer of 2003 I was even close in the border town of Ohrid in Macedonia, almost ready to move to the other side. I just didn’t.

I finally visited Albania in August 2008 during the Rally Caucasian Challenge 2008, an adventure that went through the most interior and less developed parts of the country, crossing mountains and off-road.

Map of my travel in Albania

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Visit Albania

For me the idea I have of Albania after visiting is one country with nice people, people that feel forgotten by the rest of Europe. The country only recently opened up more to tourism, and visitors only now begun to include Albania as a destination for travel.

If you are looking to visit one of the most unknown countries of the European continent then Albania is the right choice and can be done during a trip to the Balkans, and get to know also neighboring countries such as Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece for example.

World Heritage Sites in Albania

In Albania there are two UNESCO World Heritage sites that can be visited: Butrint and also the Historic Centres of Berat and Gjirokaster.

Video of the UNESCO town of Berat in Albania