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About my Travel in Andorra

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Andorra, Principality of AndorraAndorra is a small country in the Pyrenees between northeastern Spain and southwestern France.

It is a very small and mountainous country known to be a good destination for skiing and a good destination to buy tax free products.

I remember driving Andora back in 2005 across the country from one end to another, something not too difficult since the country is very small.

The mountains are very beautiful and all the way from Pas de la Casa to Andorra-la-Vella among mountains, views are phenomenal. I got the impression the country is full of Portuguese as the majority of the owners of shops in Andorra are Portuguese. It was weird.

If by chance you want to stamp your passport with a stamp of Andorra you have to stop at the border and go ask the police as they do not stop the cars as the borders are open.

The police will welcome you with a smile and stamp your passport.

World Heritage Sites in Andorra, Andorra UNESCO Sites

  • Madriu-Perafita-Claror (inscribed in 2004)

Attempt list of UNESCO Sites in Andorra

  • Complex history of Santa Coloma (application for entry in 1999)
  • Roman churches of Andorra (application for registration on 1999)

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