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About my travel in Armenia

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travel in Armenia

travel in Armenia

Armenia is a country in the Caucasus area that borders Turkey to the west, north to Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan in the east, and Iran and the Nakhchivan enclave in the South.

I loved my stay in this country, because it has a lot of mystique and a very spiritual environment in the monasteries scattered in the mountains. I crossed the country’s first direction Nagorno Karabakh and again for the second time up to Georgia again.

I drove an old Moskvitch car in the Rally Caucasian Challenge back in 2008. Unique experience and I would strongly recommend to do and participate.

I visited several monasteries such as Haghpat Monastery, the Goshavank Monastery and the Monastery Sevan. I drove into the mountains to enter the forbidden zone of Nagorno-Karabakh – a place of conflict, military zone and is usually restricted to civilians.

Map of my trips in Armenia, Armenia Map

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