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Srebrnik Castle in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Srebrnik Castle in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I visited this region in summer 2008, and, I actually had no idea of what I was about to see when I arrived, so the Srebrnik castle came like a nice suprised in the end of the day where I enjoyed a beautiful sun set. Srebrnik is located in one of the most beautiful and preserved middle-aged towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Srebrnik was first mentioned on 15 February 1333 when the town was under the reign of viceroy Stjepan II Kotromanic between 1314 and 1353. Hungary conquered this castle in the beginning of the 14th century.

Srebrnik Castle in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 1463 the Ottoman Empire conquered Srebrnik but in autumn 1463, Hungary gain Srebrnik again. Two years later Srebrnik became the center of Bannat region which included the following towns: Tesanj, Soko, Barka, Waja, Teocak and Gradacac. Today’s walls of the old town date from early 18th century, but the old town of Srebrnik shows its old, middle age construction.

Photos of Castle Srebrnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina