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Youth Hostel in Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

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Youth Hostel in Veliko Tarnovo BulgariaI found a fantastic place to stay some days in the town of Veliko Tarnovo in northern Bulgaria only around 100km from the Romanian border.

This city is bigger than I thought at first, but is actually separated by a new zone and a old part.

This youth hostel is located in the old town of Tarnovo 3 minutes from the renowned fortress in the hill, an imposing building of the thirteenth century called Tsarevets that served as the 2nd Bulgarian Empire’s primary fortress and strongest bulwark from 1185 to 1393.

Very nice indeed.

One of the things I liked most in this town are the houses with dark wood and also the number of monasteries that are around the region.

There is really much to see and explore with hiking or renting a car.

Youth Hostel in Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

Youth Hostel in Veliko Tarnovo BulgariaThe Hostel Mostel in Sofia where I stayed more than once, have also more hostels in Bulgaria, one in Plovdiv and one in Veliko Tarnovo.

The youth hostel in Veliko Tarnovo is a huge country house, with lots of space, tranquility and is an excellent hostel to stay for a few days to rest and enjoy nature, hiking and serve as a starting point to explore other areas of Bulgaria.

Actually this hostel is very cheap I paid 10 Euros per night with breakfast + dinner + diner drinks + towel + laundry.

The services and better qualities of this hostel include being a few steps from Tsarevets Fortress – the highlight of Veliko Tarnovo, 10 minutes walking from the very center of Veliko Tarnovo, In a totally renovated big traditional Bulgarian house, 3 Mixed dorms – new comfortable thick mattresses with fresh and clean sheets, blankets and pillow.

Prices Youth Hostel Veliko Tarnovo

Youth Hostel in Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

  • 10 beds room shared bathroom LEVA 20 (EURO 10) p.p.n.
  • 8 beds room shared bathroom LEVA 20 (EURO 10) p.p.n.
  • 6 beds room shared bathroom LEVA 22 (EURO 11) p.p.n.
  • 3 beds private room en-suite LEVA 66 (EURO 33) per room
  • 2 beds private room en-suite LEVA 60 (EURO 30) per room
  • Single private room en-suite LEVA 46 (EURO 23) per room
  • Tent space LEVA 18 (EURO 9) p.p.n.

Photo Gallery of Hostel Mostel in Veliko Tarnovo

Contacts Hostel Mostal

  • Address: 10, Iordan Indjeto Str., Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • Phone: 0897 859 359
  • E-mails: getinfo@hostelmostel.com, reservation@hostelmostel.com
  • Web site: Hostel Veliko Tarnovo | www.hostelmostel.com