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Train from Lviv to Chisinau, Ukraine to Moldova by Train

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A train leaves every day from Lviv to Chisinau at 5:25pm. This train is direct, ie, no need to change trains but it takes so long since at a certain given time it waited for the train Moscow-Chisinau-Bucharest, to attach other carriages. The trip took about 23 hours. The Price of the train Lviv to […]

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Bus from Chisinau to Odessa, Moldova to Ukraine by Bus

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This is a normal Bus trip from Chisinau to Odessa where you get a change to see the country in the southern region as you will not enter Prednestrovie. The bus departures from Gara de Nord in Chisinau, and to get to Gara de Nord there are lots of Marshutkas minibuses around Chisinau, such as […]

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Bus from Chisinau to Bucharest, Moldova to Romania by Bus

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At the central bus station in Chisinau, there are direct buses to Bucharest. There are several options for companies and different times for night buses, schedules are 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. I caught the 8pm bus and arrived in Bucharest at around 6 am the following day. These buses to Bucharest departure from the central […]

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