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About Zagreb city in Croatia

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About Zagreb city in Croatia
(photo by Nemo1102)

Zagreb is a fantastic city, somehow blending both Eastern Europe and Western Europe in one city. Divided into two regions called Lower Zagreb and Upper Zagreb.

Don’t miss the great city history visiting most well known monuments spread in the various districts of Zagreb. Most famous monuments in Zagreb are located in Kaptol district, Gradec district and Lower town district.

I had a great presentation to this amazing city, as I met a couple on the train from Belgrade, that invited me to go with them and get to know Zagreb with their company. They were great and I ended up seeing some monuments and best sightseeing places in Zagreb.

In Zagreb you have to visit places like the great Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Archiepiscopal Palace and the town fortifications. Lotrscak Tower and the funicular railway; Saint Catherine’s Church and the famous 13th century Stone Gate. Also don’t miss the presidential palace. In Lower town you have plenty of museums with magnificent collections.