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My Travel in Cyprus

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Photo of bell in Monastery of Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Photo of bell in Monastery of Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Cape Greco, Cyprus

Cape Greco, Cyprus

Somewhat mysterious island, Cyprus is an interesting destination for travel. Imbued with Greek culture, Cyprus is one of the best travel destinations around the Mediterranean.

I took a plane from Oslo in Norway to Larnaca in Cyprus. Although I was expected to travel for a few days on the the Greek side of Cyprus, I ended up spending most of my time in the north part of the island, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Imagine an island with turquoise blue water beaches, mountains and lost castles, Greek temples, ancient cities. This is the scenario that awaits to visit Cyprus.

The island of Cyprus has very beautiful places. The most famous monuments and sightseeing places visit Cyprus are: the pier, the mosaics and Castle in Paphos, Castle Courion / Kolossi, Larnaca Salt Lake, and Hala Sultan Tekke, Ayia Napa e Protaras, Nicosia within the walls and the house of Hadigeorgakis Kornesios, Cedars Valley, Panagia tou Araka, Choirokitia and Lefkara.

Official Tourism Video of Cyprus

In this short video of 30 seconds we have a quick view on the beauty of Cyprus.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cyprus

Painted Churches in the Troodos Region

What I visited / Summary of my trip to Cyprus / Visit Cyprus

A list of places I’ve visited in Cyprus. The list is in order of visit.

Ayia Napa Ayia Napa: The town of Ayia Napa is a holiday resort with plenty of bars and apartment that during the months of low season are all closed. No doubt that the small Monastery of Ayia Napa and Nissi Beach are the best that this city has to offer.
Nissi Beach Nissi Beach: This is a beach a few kms from the center of Ayia Napa. If you like beaches with white sand and crystal clear water then this is for you. In the summer this is a favorite holiday destination of Russian and British, that fill the beach completely.
Cape Greco Cape Greco: This is the southeastern most tip of the island of Cyprus. It is a dozen kilometers away from the town of Ayia Napa. Besides being a protected natural park, it has beautiful views of the sea. There are two pedestrian paths and can do a bit of hiking exploring the area. There are caves with beautiful views to the water.
Protaras Protaras: In this city that only has buildings built for tourists spend their holidays, I stopped to go to the supermarket and decided to visit the Church of the Prophet Ilias, on top of the hill, where there is a kind of tradition of letting messages written to the loved ones who died.
Famagusta view point Observation deck Famagusta View Point: This location sits on top of a cafe on the edge of town, just on the border of the No Man’s Land area. You can see the ghost town of Famagusta across the United Nations Buffer Zone. There is also a small museum that explains the history of the conflict Greek / Turkish, but the Greek version of the whole conflict – which is quite different from the explaining of the Turks.
Nicosia - capital of Cyprus Nicosia – capital of Cyprus: This city is the capital of the Greek part of the island of Cyprus. There is a pedestrian old city to explore, which has many restaurants and shops. In addition to several churches still has a number of museums and monuments to visit.