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About Comrat in Gagauzia Travel Journal

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About Comrat in Gagauzia

Comrat in Gagauzia

Comrat is the capital of the autonomous region of Gagauzia, located in southwest Moldova. This is a very interesting territory since the majority of its habitants are from a Turkish ethnicity. I had a short visit to this town yet i could profit to get into a different Europe, a total distinct culture inside Moldova and Europe as we know it. Comrat town official website is here: Comrat.

Comrat in Gagauzia

What to see in Comrat Gagauzia

Comrat is quite small, located inside the Moldavian country side. Expect a village like town with smooth life and calm surroundings. You can chose to explore town and visit places like the Cathedral of Saint John, the central garden, Gagauzian art gallery, the Museum of Gagauz culture, the surrounding farms; Afghanistan war memorial, the lively central market; Museum of local history; the Alley of Gagauzian Glory; the Turkish library by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk; Comrat memorial; Monument of Vladimir Lenin and the Monument of military tank.

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