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Hotel Astoria in Comrat, Hotel in Comrat Gagauzia

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Hotel Astoria in Comrat, Hotel in Comrat Gagauzia

Hotel Astoria is located on the town center of Comrat, and has rooms with very good quality. This hotel in Comrat has a cafe, bar, shop, rooms with en-suite bathrooms, hot water 24 hours. The reception lady does not speak English but is quite friendly. The hotel prices go for 390 Moldavian lei = 24 Euros for a 2 persons luxury room; 570 Moldavian lei= 36 Euros for a 3 persons luxury room; and 200 Moldavian lei = 12 Euros for a standard 2 persons room.

The Hotel Astoria in Comrat is located on street Galatsana 34 / 9 in Comrade, Gagauz / Moldova. Phone number are 298-26238 and 691-93411.