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Germany, Federal Republic of Germany

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Federal Republic of Germany

Igreja e Jardim em Darmstadt Setembro 2009

Germany is a Central European country that borders with the North Sea, Denmark and the Baltic Sea, east by Poland and the Czech Republic, south by Austria and Switzerland and west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

One of the great things to point out about Germany is that i is a country that was totally devastated by war, but despite of this factor it was completely rebuilt in 50 years. There are towns that were completely destroyed in World War II but that are totally renewed and with a very good quality of life.

I have visited Germany almost 10 times now and each time I try to return to see a different city, which always ends up surprising me. I visited cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Darmnstadt, Nuremberg, Munich and Lindau. I loved being in Lindau by the Lake Constance and Berlin for his calm and history. Darmstadt and Nuremberg have a very beautiful historic center.

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