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About the city of Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki Greece

Thessaloniki is Greece second biggest city. Also known as Salonika, this nice city is located on the shore of the Bay of Thessaloniki and just a couple dozen kms from Bulgaria and Macedonia. I was in Salonika back in September 2003, while traveling by train in Eastern Europe, taking the night train from Sofia to

Thessaloniki Greece

Thessalonikis, and heading north to Skopje in Macedonia. Thessaloniki is not the perfect place for monuments but you’ll be impressed by the gorgeous colors of the sea and the small beautiful traditional fishing boats on the bay. Don’t miss the White Tower at Lefkos Pyrgos and the Archaeological Museum at Manoli Andronikou. Also something not to be missed is to explore the districts up the hill near the castle walls, to have a better view of the Thessaloniki and the bay from above.

Photos of Thessaloniki Greece