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Caucasian Challenge Rally – Budapest to Yerevan

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The Caucasian Challenge is a car rally that starts in Budapest every August, and during two weeks of driving in more than 7500 km / 4660 miles, the rally passes 11 countries, dirt tracks, snow-covered mountain roads, desert landscapes, intense heat, high altitudes and some war scenarios during its passage through the Turkish Kurdish area and the entire northern border of Iraq and Iran up to Georgia, as it is scheduled by the organizers.

There are no mechanics, rescue teams and everything will have to resort to cunning, agility, courage and resourcefulness of the various participating teams.

Caucasian Challenge 2011 TV coverage

This video is in Hungarian but you can see the images which need no comments or explanation. Pure adventure.

The Caucasian Challenge – Budapest to Yerevan promises a unique event in an unfamiliar area of Europe and Asia through the following countries: Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Map of Caucasian Challenge Rally

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