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8 Things to do in Imam Square, Isfahan Iran

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Photo of Maidan-e-Naghsh-e-Jahan Square Square in Isfahan Iran
Photo of Maidan-e-Naghsh-e-Jahan Square Square in Isfahan Iran

Sign of Emam Khomeini Square Square in Isfahan

Sign of Emam Khomeini Square Square in Isfahan

The Maidan Emam Square in Isfahan is one of the best known and most beautiful square in all of the Middle East.

This square in Isfahan is probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

The official name of this square is “Maidan-e-Naghsh-e-Jahan” which means “The Place of Portraits of the World.”

In 1598, Shah Abbas I moved the capital to Esfahan, and with ideas to make it a big city, urban plans began with the construction of the new city.

Inside the square you can see the Royal Mosque, the Mosque Shaykh Lotfollah, the porch Qaysariyyeh, and the Timur Palace dating from the 15th century.

Imam Square by night

Imam Square by night

This square is huge and has about 512 meters wide. Go here to enjoy sunset because it is spectacular with the view of the Zagros Mountains and the square – really amazing.

The mosques, madrassas and palaces in the square gain a very special color, as there is a reflection of the sun on the tiles.

All around the square there are small cafes where you can drink tea and smoke shisha, a water pipe with tobacco flavors.

Video with Imam Square during the Sunset

What to see / what to do in the Imam Square in Isfahan

Ali Qapu Palace on Imam Square in Isfahan Ali Qapu Palace: This magnificent palace was built in the late 16th century as the residence of Shah Abbas I. You have to pay an entrance fee which is well worth. This 6-storey building has immense decorated halls with paintings on the walls and ceilings. Ali Qapu Palace has a beautiful terrace with 18 columns where you can enjoy a fabulous view of Imam Square.
Imam Mosque Imam Mosque: One of the most beautiful mosques I’ve ever visited. The Imam Mosque is a magnificent blue tile building from the time of the Safavid Dynasty. This fabulous mosque was started to build in 1611 and took four years to finish. Interesting is the fact that despite the mosque have the main facade facing the square, the mosque itself is facing Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque: This beautiful mosque with a fabulous decor outside the dome, is one of the most beautiful monuments of the Imam Square in Isfahan. This is considered the most beautiful of all the mosques of Iran, so do not miss. Have to pay a ticket. Built by Shah Abbas I between 1602 and 1619. This mosque is different from others because there is no minaret or an interior courtyard.
Bazar in the galleries of the square Bazar in the galleries of the square: All around the Imam Khomeini Square there galleries with many different stores. You can buy crafts, books, clothing, there are restaurants, fruit stores, carpet shops and stores with traditional Iranian sweets.
Carpet Shops Nomadic Art Carpet Shops: There are several carpet shops and handicrafts in Imam Square. If you have difficulty in choosing between any, just visit the Nomadic Arts Shop. I went into this store by chance and had the opportunity to meet Mr. Amir Chapnevis with whom I had a long and enjoyable conversation on various issues. I did not buy anything but the shop owner is very friendly.
Artisans working in Brass Artisans working in Brass: There is a store of brass objects where you can see the craftsmen in work right there on the street. You can see how they work on brass, and you can take photos and make videos. If you wish you can buy a piece handmade brass pot.
Iranian Candy stores Iranian Candy stores: For the ones that enjoy sweets, there are many shops with the famous and delicious traditional Iranian sweets. You can get one of these stores and try all kinds of candy you want. Usually the employees are very friendly and give you a taste of everything.
Eat an ice cream in Isfahan Eat an ice cream in Isfahan: One of the things that Isfahan is famous, are its ice creams. Enjoy the warmth of the city and eat an ice cream that is sold in various stores that have machines with ice cream.