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About Almaty in Kazakhstan

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Almaty Kazakhstan

Almaty was a city I knew nothing about when I got there. Actually, I knew nothing about Kazakhstan as I decided to buy an air ticket to this unknown place just like that. I spent 1 month in Almaty and I enjoyed my experience there very much as it was indeed very fulfilling and very important for my life.

I got myself involved in an association where I had a volunteer job giving painting classes and English language workshops for children. I got to know the city pretty well and found Almaty a very pleasant place to stay for a while and learn about a different country, different people and culture.

Almaty Kazakhstan

Almaty is also known as Alma-Ata, but was renamed in 1994. The country’s capital moved from here to Astana. Almaty, in 1929, became the capital of the Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, and in 1991, continued as the capital of independent Kazakhstan.

Almaty is the largest city in the country and lives much of the vicinity as the city is not anything excessive or big. Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president has a presidential palace in the heart of the city. This palace can be seen from afar and is located in a chic district of Almaty.

This interesting city is at the foot of the mountain range of Tian Shan, which are part of the Himalayan mountain range stretching to the Hindu Kush in Pakistan. Almaty is about 1.2 million people almost 10% of the total population of the country.

Photos of Almaty in south Kazakhstan

What to see in Almaty, Sightseeing places in Almaty Kazakhstan

What to see in Almaty, Sightseeing places in Almaty Kazakhstan

Military Museum in Almaty: The Military Museum in Almaty is supposed to be one of the best and most interesting cultural destinations to visit while in town. Here you can enjoy the history and heroic acts of Kazakhstan, during various wars and also during the Soviet period. Ticket cost 200. This museum is located in a beautiful square, which has in one side the Panfilov Heroes’ Memorial with the Eternal Flame, and on the other side the strange and exotic Japanese embassy.

War Memorials at Panfilov Park: These monuments are located right after the Panfilov Park Zenkov Cathedral. The park’s name comes precisely from Panfilov Heroes. One of the monuments is to commemorate and celebrate the heroic acts of 28 soldiers who died in Almaty in 1941 when fighting against Naziz tanks in a village near Moscow.

This monument is huge, sculptures, murals etc. Another monument on this site is the Eternal Flame, which commemorates the end of civil war from 1920 to 1927 and the end of World War II. To reach the Panfilov Park, coming from the eastern part of the city, the garden is just six blocks from Gorky Park, just opposite the Military Museum of Almaty. In the West, coming from Ayteke Bi, it just after the Cathedral.

Cathedral Zenkov: The Cathedral Zenkov has a very interesting building because it is all one building made of wood, and when I say all it means there is not even a single metal nail, all are made of wood. Cool huh?

This cathedral is not very big but is very beautiful and full of color, located in the center of Panfilov Park in the heart of the city. This building dates from 1904 and has a very colorful garden around. This is the only building remaining from the era of the czars as the rest was destroyed. Coming from the east side of town, the Panfilov Park is located 6 blocks from Gorky Park (Gorky Park), after the Military Museum and the War Memorial. From the West, towards the end of Ayteke Bi.

Palace of the Republic: The Palace of the Republic is right next to the famous Hotel Kazakhstan, cinema KIMEP and the Museum of Geology. This palace is a monumental architecture and looks interesting and has a very well kept and beautiful garden. In the garden stands a statue of the writer Abay Kunabaev.

Street Zhibek Zholy: Zhibek Zholy is a pedestrian quarter filled with shops, cafes, street vendors, painters and musicians. This street is really only for pedestrians and is thus prohibited the drive cars. People come here for sightseeing, others come to be seen, and walk and enjoy life. On the east side of the street is the great Silk Way City shopping center, the old building, as the new Silk Way City is located at Tole Bi with Zelthoksan, just on the street behind my house.

Central Mosque of Almaty: This mosque with turquoise color domes makes a huge contrast to the gray Soviet-style buildings that characterize this whole area of Almaty. This is the largest mosque in Kazakhstan, and is actually the newest mosque in the city.

Much of the Kazakh population is Muslim. This mosque architecture in typical from Central Asia and has five minarets all with blue domes. Inside is pretty much the same, all decorated, some simple walls, but those that are decorated are really beautiful because it has a lot of work carved in stone. The Central Mosque of Almaty is situated between the bus station Sayakhat in Almaty and the Green Zelyony Bazaar.

Photos of the Central Mosque of Almaty Kazakhstan

Old Parliament House: The former house of Parliament now holds the offices of local government. I recall that Almaty was the capital of the country and so all the big old government buildings are here. The architecture of a neo-classical type is a big contrast with the surrounding garden. It is at Tole Bi street with Panfilov, if we walk by Tole Bi after the New Silk Way City, we’ll see it on the left side.

St. Nicholas Cathedral or Nikolsky Sobor: The Cathedral of St. Nicholas is a special particularly unique place, a small haven in the city center all surrounded by trees. This is a site to search for peace by many city residents.

The church is within an area that has lots of things, a small religious complex. The color of the church is strong and stands out in the quiet atmosphere of the woods. This church was built in 1909 and was used as stables by the Bolsheviks. Besides being able to visit the top of the church, there’s an underground chapel on the left side. Go down andatKabanbai Batyr Baytursynuly and right after the market (Bazaar) you will see an entry with religious symbols.

Tower TV Transmitter Center in Almaty: The view over Almaty from the top of the hill is fantastic. This tower is almost a thing typical in many cities of Russian influence. This is on the southeast slope of Almaty at the base of the mountains Zailuysky Alatau.

What to see in Almaty, Sightseeing places in Almaty Kazakhstan

The Central Park – Gorky Park: The Gorky Park is in the eastern city extremety. It is good to go by bus or tram to the end of street Gogol Ulitsa, on tram number 1, 8 and 12. This park is really big and has several trees inside, from theme parks, pools, zoo, lakes with boats, carousels etc..

The entrance costs 20T to enter, but somehow I went in without paying. On the north side of the park is a military barrack. You can see how the troops operate. This is a place to escape the summer heat for part of the population because it has trees and is very fresh.

Cable Car Koktyube: This is a journey that must be pretty good to do. I did not do it because the cable car was closed because it was destroyed in the earthquake scale of 5. The cable car Koktyube can be taken near the Hotel Kazakhstan. This was still closed because it was destroyed by the earthquake. Perhaps now is already arranged. If you know anything, tell me and comment on this page please.

The garden Karasay Batyr: This garden was very near my house and basically a place of transition between blocks, but also a place where young and old people go relax in the evening. This is three blocks up the street Tole Bi. It has several benches and very large trees. Good to escape the heat and pollution of the city.