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Passing the border to Uzbekistan coming from Kazakhstan

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Passing the border to Uzbekistan coming from Kazakhstan

My border crossing from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan began at Ghisht Koprik. North port normally used by workers, traders and also by some smugglers to illegal trade with Kazakhstan. After coming from the Kazakh city of Shymkent, I got transportation to the border and it only took a few hours on a local minibus.

The whole arrival at the border was a little too much after spending hours of travel inside a Ford Transit 9 seater with othe people.

Passing the border to Uzbekistan coming from Kazakhstan

All those hours inside the van disappeared as I looked the chaos that I found at the border. Everything around me was new and full of confusion. This seems to be a border of big trade. To prevent thefts I paying attention to everything. I stoped for a few minutes to analyse the area and to decide where to go next.

My primary goal this day was to get to Tashkent as soon as possible because it was getting night time. I approached the border post to get the exit stamp of Kazakhstan. The more I entered the border complex and got close to the police and all that confusion, the more I thought I would get to Tashkent the next morning.

Surprinsingly, at least half a dozen border police officers were shouting “Portuguese” in the room of Customs. They knew already there was a Portuguese guy there. All the process end up being really quick and no worries at all. Very nice people. All went well also in the Uzbekistan part of the border. I got local transportation to Tashkent.