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Living 1 month in Almaty Kazakhstan

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Living 1 month in Almaty Kazakhstan

I stayed one month in this city since I began teaching painting and drawing workshops for children at an association called Concordia Lutheran. It was a very interesting experience not by the contact with a religious group, but because I was really well received being a person outside the association and the church itself.

I loved being in contact with the children and even more to the ethnic variety of Kazakhstan. I made two types of classes, teaching children in a farm house outside the city, with games, visual arts and study visits, and another type of classes at the headquarters in the heart of the city teaching English at the organized English Children Seminars.

Nothing of this was planned of course previously, but i somehow end up with this job … always interesting things cross my path. Well, I ended up living with a Russian-Kazakh family.

Living 1 month in Almaty Kazakhstan

After having walked for hours looking for a hotel where I could stay for 1 week or so, I met a lady that spoke a little English and also went to the same place as me, so we shared the same taxi.

Well, she ended up helping me with some other hotels, and told me that if I did not find anything to call her. Hours passed of me looking for a cheap hotel, and after not finding anything, I was going the way of a public phone and found her on the street! What a coincidence!

I went to her house to drink tea and met her mother and daughter. After much talk, they have been fascinated with my name being Jesus, and my passport photo where I somewhat had a biblical look… I was invited to stay with them there and pay money and have a room to myself, breakfast and dinner.

After other conversation, I eventually was invited to participate in activities for the workshops with children. It’s amazing and they were actually with great difficulty finding people to work there.

After 4 days I stayed in their home, i entered as a family member and I stop paying money for accommodation. I ended up staying there for a month. I’ve been doing the workshops that lasted + – 2 weeks, I learned piano because the lady was a music teacher, and her daughter is neither more nor less than the best clarinetist of Kazakhstan that won a government scholarship to go study in Moscow and everything. Nice!

This family lived in center Almaty because Sveta’s husband, was a well-known journalist was killed by the mob while doing an article about them. The state offered the house as a gift for the work he did as a journalist.