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Prices in Almaty, Cost of Living in Almaty Kazakhstan

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Almaty Kazakhstan

There are plenty of shopping options in Almaty, the city has several large hypermarkets, supermarkets and neighborhood grocery stores. Also very good for shopping are the markets called bazaars (Bazaar) around the city.

Almaty Kazakhstan

Prices on this page are of June / July 2004 when $50 US dollars were 6765 KZT (Kazakhstan Tenge). Here is a short list of things I bought, varied prices and expenses such as taxis, restaurants, shopping, miscellaneous stuff and visas. These are the prices of diverse things i bought in Kazakhstan back in 2004.

  • Internet 1H: 320T
  • Photocopy of passport: 115T
  • Taxi: 100T
  • Water: 50T also 65T
  • 2 cheese cakes: 80T
  • Bus ticket in town: 15T
  • Bus from Almaty to Medeu: 30T
  • Ice Cream: 50T
  • Water in supermarket Silk Way City 1L: 59T
  • Tomato can beans in supermarket Silk Way City: 75T
  • Water in supermarket Silk Way City 5L: 126T
  • Cheese in supermarket Silk Way City: 61T
  • Salad 250gr in supermarket Silk Way City: 26T
  • Juice in supermarket Silk Way City 250ML: 29T
  • Chocolate bar in supermarket Silk Way City: 95T
  • Full meal in restaurant Govinda: 850T
  • Snickers chocolate bar: 55T
  • Light meal in the restaurant Govinda: 300T
  • Phone Card: 800T
  • Music tape: 150T
  • 500ML kefir: 50T
  • Fruit smoothie on the street: 100T
  • 300G bananas: 78T
  • 500gr cheese: 286T
  • Bread in supermarket Silk Way City: 66T
  • Bus from Almaty to Hazrat-e Turkestan: 950T
  • Margerita pizza restaurant Perekrectok: 450T
  • Fruit juice at the restaurant Perekrectok: 195T
  • Tram ticket in Almaty: 25T
  • Traditional Kazakh hat on the market Barakholka: 100T
  • Iran Visa: 55USD
  • Uzbekistan Visa: 55USD