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Boat trip to La Dune Rose, Gao Mali

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Boat trip to La Dune Rose, Gao - West Africa

La Dune Rose is a big dune along the Niger River outside the city of Gao. La Dune Rose means The Pink Dune and the name comes from the specific colors the sand reflects at dawn and nightfall. This dune is also known as Koyma, the small town at its base.

To arrive to the dune you have to take a pirogue trip into the river. You can get someone to take you there in Gao center as you’ll have plenty of people offering you this kind of service. After discussing the price for a long time, I finally agreed on paying 10.000 CFA = 15.2 Euros, for a 4 hour trip. It seems this price could be shared with more people but I was alone. Neither the way, the money was worth it and the 2 guys that took me really deserved it (I do think the money was not enough for their effort).

Boat trip to La Dune Rose, Gao - West Africa

As the river was dry near the city port (dry season) we had to walk the dry river bank for almost 30 minutes until we took this small pirogue. The boat was slowly filling with water inside. No worries. After we arrived to the dune, the guide and the pirogue owner left me alone for a 30 minutes climb. This amazing 4 hour trip was impressive and you can basically watch fishermen in action and notice small villages on the way.