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Hitch-hiking travel in Mali

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Hitch-hiking travel in Mali - West Africa

As the majority of us know, hitch-hiking is not the safest way of traveling but still probably the best way of getting in touch with local people on their daily life, going home, traveling or working.

Mali looks quite safe in terms of what drivers look like. In Mali, not everyone can afford to have a vehicle, so, except in bigger cities, all cars on the roads elsewhere in the country will be either from NGO’s or from people working.

In towns, hitch-hiking for a motorcycle ride is quite easy and people are quite easy with it. Some might ask you for some money but the majority will definitely not. I hitch-hiked 4 times and had no problem.

I got a motorcycle ride from Mopti center to Sevaré bus station around 10km. I got this ride from a guy I met in the hotel and the motorcycle was from his brother. I gave this guy around 2 Euros and he was very thankful for it.

From Sevaré I didn’t have the bus I wanted so I got another motorcycle that took me outside town (around 12km) to get another ride on a pickup truck.

The pickup truck 40km hitch-hike ride I had to wait around 35 minutes under a tree as the Sun was very strong. They took me all the way to Konna where I could wait for a bus going to Hombori.

In Gao I got another motorcycle ride from the Tomb of Askia to the city center, around 3km. I gave some money to the guy but he refused.