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Local Festivals in Mali

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  • Dogon Countries Mask Cerimonies – April to May
  • Bozo Fishing Celebrations – February
  • Marionette Festival in Diarabougou – November
  • Markala Fulani Cattle Crossing – December to January
  • Bamako Biennal Sport and Cultural Event – September in even years
  • Essakane Festival in the Desert – January (www.festival-au-desert.com)
  • Festival Andéramboukane – January (Mali – Niger border)
  • Festival Sur le Niger – February

Annual Mali Fishing Ceremony

Each year, during the dry period, impressive fishing ceremonies are held in the lakes of Kela and its surroundings. Kela is a well known village in the south of Mali, famous because of its Diabate griots of whom it is often said that they are the owners of the most authentic version of the Sunjata epic, founding story of the Mali empire.

Tuareg Festival in northern Mali