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Photos of sculptures in Aicha monolith, Mauritania

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This is a fantastic place lost in Sahara desert. Well, Aicha is a monolith about 8km from another monolith named Ben Amera, the 2nd largest monolith in the world. A monolith as its name indicates, is a stone. Just one. That is, these great mountains are formed by a single giant rock. Very interesting.

In this special case of the monolith Aicha, immense sculptures by sculptors from many countries around the world came here and made their rock art forever lost in time and space, in the desert. It’s amazing the junction of nature vs man. This is a place not to miss. Visit it if you can although is really off the beaten path for most travelers.

Photos of sculptures in monolith Aicha Mauritania

Map Google of Ben Amera and Aicha

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