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Bus from Chisinau to Odessa, Moldova to Ukraine by Bus

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Bus from Chisinau to Odessa, Moldova to Ukraine by Bus

This is a normal Bus trip from Chisinau to Odessa where you get a change to see the country in the southern region as you will not enter Prednestrovie. The bus departures from Gara de Nord in Chisinau, and to get to Gara de Nord there are lots of Marshutkas minibuses around Chisinau, such as the number 173 that I picked up from the center. It costs 3 Moldavian Lei for a minibus ride.

The trip took about five hours and the bus stopped a few times doing the following route: Anene Noi, Noua Troit, Cansenia, Stefan Voda, Purcani, and finally Odessa.

There are buses almost every hour starting from 5:50am and until 12:20pm, I took the bus from 12:30pm and arrived at Odessa at 5:35pm. There are two ways to go to Odessa in Ukraine from Chisinau in Moldova, or you get a Marshutka (mini bus) or you get a bus / coach.

Bus getting out of Chisinau in Moldova

On my trip back from Odessa to Chisinau I took a minibus Marshutka instead of bus because its much faster since the Marshutka minibus does not stop at every village as does the bus. So you save one hour of travel. The Price of Bus from Chisinau to Odessa is 90 Moldavian lei.

I read that a lot people on the Internet have made the trip from Chisinau to Odessa through Tiraspol in Transnistria (Pridnestrovie), but the two trips I made, both passed always in the south of Moldova territory and never getting into Pridnestrovie. So bus or minibus from Chisinau to Odessa do not pass in Tiraspol – Transnistria.

Photos of Bus Terminal Station Gare Nord in Chisinau Moldova

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