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Monasteries in Montenegro

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There quite a few number of beautiful and historical monasteries in Montenegro. The complete list of monasteries follows: Cetinje Monastery, Dajbabe Monastery, Đurđevi Stupovi, Kom Monastery, Morača monastery, Ostrog monastery, Podmalinsk Monastery and Savina Monastery. This page will be updated as soon as i visit Montenegro again and gather more information and photos.

Podmalinsk Monastery in Montenegro

Podmalinsk Monastery in Montenegro Podmalinsk Monastery in Montenegro

During my visit to Montenegro I had the chance of visiting the nice monastery of Podmalinsko. The monastery Podmalinsko is located near Boam in Sinjajevina and is the most famous religious site of the Drobnjaci tribe. There is a legend that tells that Podmalinsko Monastery was raised by Uros I back in the year of 1252 and that the churchis dedicated to Archangel Michael.

Photos of Podmalinsk Monastery in Montenegro