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Amaras Monastery in Sos Nagorno Karabakh

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joao leitaoFrank and I decided to take a different path than the rest of the rally (www.caucasianchallenge.com) and see some different things outside the itinerary set by the organization.

We drove south to see some interesting monasteries on the road to Stepanakert but with a detour of some miles across the border going from Agdam to the village of Sos through Matumi. The GPS coordinates of Amaras Monastery are: 39° 41′ 2.4″ N, 47° 3′ 25.2″ E – Good luck…

Lost in the village of Sos is a monastery called the Armenian Apostolic Monastery of Amaras being one of few Christian buildings from all over Nagorno-Karabakh region. Tells the story and old chronicles of Faustus Byuzand from the fifth century, that St. Gregory I “The Illuminator” found this church that later became the monastery of Amaras.


It seems that here is where the grandson of St. Gregory I, St. Grigoris was buried back in 338. The tomb with the saint’s remains are still buried beneath the apse of the church of St. Grigoris renovated in the nineteenth century.

Mosteiro-Amaras-Apostolico-Armenio-Aldeia-Sos-Alto-Carabaque-Nagorno-Karabakh-Setembro-2008 (4)

In the fifth century, Mesrop Mashtots invented the Armenian alphabet and has opened the first school to teach this kind of writing that is still a unique symbol of Armenia.

The monastery was sacked by the Mongols in the thirteenth century, destroyed in 1387 during the invasion of Timur and demolished again in the sixteenth century. After having been built a fortress wall around the monastery, it has withstood the seventeenth century but was later abandoned when again in the first half of the nineteenth century was used as a border fortress for the Russian imperial troops.

St. Gregory I the Illuminator
Image of St. Gregory I the Illuminator.

Map of Amaras Monastery in Sos village

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Photos of Amaras Monastery in Sos village