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Hotel Sukh Sagar in Janakpur Nepal

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Hotel Sukh Sagar in Janakpur Nepal

Hotel Sukh Sagar in Janakpur is a very cheap hotel. If you’re looking for extreme budget accommodation in Janakpur – Nepal, then this is the cheapest. Do not expect a high quality hotel as this is not a quality hotel. Actually it’s old, dirty. But cheap.

Hotel Sukh Sagar in Janakpur Nepal

This hotel in Janakpur is right next to the Janaki Temple, one of the most important Hindu worship places for this religion. The hotel is very central and has a very good view of the terrace.

In the mosquitoes season bring your own mosquito net – if you dont have you can go to other rooms and get one of just ask one from the hotel staff. You can ask at reception an electric mosquito repellant also. I paid 250 rupees per night, around 2.3 euros per night on a single room.

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