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Bus from Kampala to Juba, Uganda to South Sudan

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Bus from Kampala to Juba, Uganda to South Sudan

The connection between the two capitals of these countries – Uganda and Juba, is very easy to do since there are several companies to travel in the evening and some in the morning. After some research I found that this route between Kampala and Juba is actually one of the most dangerous of all East Africa, where almost every week there are accidents involving buses and passenger cars.

Just 2 weeks before I passed, there were two buses colliding head to head on the road just before reaching Juba, 60 people died. In other words, this small information I give to you, was just to say that it is good to choose a bus company that are not known for being crazy on the road. I saw the 2 buses smashed on the side of the road.

After asking several people, all of them advised me LOL Espress bus company, and I could report that the driver was actually a very responsible driver and that we took care of passengers, and payed extreme attention to the road.

Well, actually I took two buses of the same company as in the border of Sudan, my bus left without me … because it took me a long time with the formalities of visa application, passport registration, etc..

Since there are two buses from the same company to do the same route with a difference of 20 minutes between them, I could get a lift and enter the next bus without paying anything.

Information of LOL Express bus company in Kampala Uganda

  • D&J Shopping Arcade, PO Box 39123 K’la Plot 15 Wilson Street, Rm 10 & 11 Arua Park Kampala Uganda
  • Phones Kampala: 0714 108026 / 0774 258656
  • Phone Juba: +249 955 046 470
  • Phones Nairobi: +254 722 542 025 / +254 723 259 086

Photos of Bus from Kampala to Juba, Uganda to South Sudan

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