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Transportation around Juba, South Sudan

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Transportation around Juba, South Sudan

Transportation around Juba, South Sudan

The best way to go from one place to another in Juba is undoubtedly the motorcycle taxis called Boda-boda. There are also taxis (vans) which cost one pound per trip.

Boda-boda bikes cost between 3 pounds for a short trip up to 5 or 6 pounds for a long trip from one end of town to another for example.

From the bus station to the city center you can try to pick up a bike for 10 pounds, this will be difficult to discuss prices. You can even leave the ground station and catch a “taxi van” for 1 pound. You have to ask the driver if he goes to town or to the All Saints Cathedral, depending on where you’re going to stay.

Now, a small difference between the Boda-boda here in Juba and in other countries such as Kenya and Uganda is that the number of cars is not the same, and actually the drivers of motorcycle boda-boda in other countries are completely crazy and there are lots of motorcycle accidents either in Kampala and Nairobi. Life in Juba is more relaxed and people don’t drive that fast.

Video riding a Motorbike Taxi in Juba, Southern Sudan