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What to visit in Juba, South Sudan

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O que visitar em Juba, Sudão do Sul

Juba is a very strange city because it is very small and all major buildings and infrastructures you would imagine in a capital, still don’t exist. Much remains to be built in terms of government infrastructure. With time they will build it.

What to visit in Juba, South Sudan

The city of Juba is divided by the center called “town”, the area of the United Nations and the Presidential Palace, and other areas like Kololo where the UN offices and some European embassies such as the French Embassy, the Embassy Italian, Dutch Embassy and British Embassy are located. This place of the EU embassies is called the “European Union Compound.” All buildings are made of prefabricated materials.

All Saints Cathedral in Juba, Southern Sudan

You can visit the Cathedral of All Saints (see the photo above), the banks of the Nile River and the bridge that leads toward the bus station. In this area there are some villages.

In the area of the Avenue of Nations where all the flags are, you can see a very large statue of Dr. John Garang. Here I think there will be a project to build a garden or a park celebrating the independence of South Sudan. You can see the statue in the photo below.

John Garang in Juba, Southern Sudan

You can visit the area of the parliament, the Avenue of Nations where it took place the celebrations of independence and where there is a statue and mausoleum of former President of the Government of Southern Sudan Dr. John Garang Mabior of which you can see in the picture below.

Mausoleum of the former President of the Government of Southern Sudan Dr. John Garang of Mabior

There are still lots of neighborhoods with small houses hut style that are very interesting to visit. Remember that these are residential neighborhoods and private, you can walk but keep sympathy and respect for local people. You will undoubtedly be well received, but you should be prudent to take pictures of people, and course avoiding taking pictures into the backyards of people’s houses.

What to visit in Juba, Southern Sudan

If you are interested you can also visit the University of Juba. When you arrive at the main gate you have to greet all those present and ask permission to visit the premises. I was able to get to know the music department where I had the opportunity to sit and chat a bit with officials and teachers.

University of Juba, Southern Sudan

Certainly not to be missed is the market called Konyo Konyo, a chaotic place, with a lot of people, fruit stalls and confusion. You can buy a little of everything and this is where most of the citizens of Juba come to make their daily shopping. You can see the market Konyo Konyo on the photo below.

Konyo Konyo market in Juba, Southern Sudan

If you prefer you can walk along the River Nile and enjoy the beauty of the White Nile River in this part of town. Beware of mosquitoes in the evening. There are many fishermen on small boats, and boats that transport goods from one place to another. The Juba river here is very beautiful. You can see the photo of the Nile River below.

White Nile in Juba, Southern Sudan

If you want to explore out of the town and walk around outside Juba, exit heading west on the road from Yei and can explore the villages of huts and their very friendly people. Be mindful that South Sudan was in conflict for decades, so this whole area is an region marked by war. Pay attention to the people and the police and do not take pictures of places associated with the security forces and be always very discreet. You can see the mountains and the huts on the photo below.

What to visit in Juba, Southern Sudan