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Bus Cizre to Istanbul, Turkey

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Bus Cizre to Istanbul, Turkey

Bus Cizre to Istanbul, Turkey

There is a bus to Istanbul every day at 4pm that from Cizre, a city near the border with Iraq.

The journey is long takes about 24 hours. There are juices and cakes supplied by the company included on the ticket. Also, the water is also for free, you can ask for it, or get up and go get yourself from the small refrigerator on the back of the bus.

The company is Cizre Nuh and has office in Gare Otobus of Cizre. The town of Cizre is also known by the name of Jizra and is where is located the mausoleum of Noah (yes from Noah’s Ark).

The Ticket price BUS Cizre – Istanbul is 80 Turkish lira = 37 Euros.

Detailed schedules Buses in Cizre

Photo with panel with bus timetables of Cizre to other destinations in Turkey. I made this photo on the bus station so it should be accurate.

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