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Buses from Nusaybin in Turkey

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Bus station in Nusaybin

Bus station in Nusaybin

Nusaybin is a small town right on the border with Syria.

For those who traveled in Syria and entered this border in Turkey, I have bus information with times to other cities of Turkey departing from Nusaybin.

The Belediyesi Otobus Terminal is the name of the station in the city and always has many buses.

Map of Nusaybin town in Turkey

Detailed schedules Buses in Nusaybin

Photo with panel with bus timetables of Nusaybin to other destinations in Turkey. I made this photo on the bus station so it should be accurate.

Detailed schedules Buses in Nusaybin

Schedules of Buses of Company Dilmenler in Nusaybin

  • 9:30 – buses Mersin and Fethiye
  • 10:30 – buses Gazientep, Iskenderun and Hayat
  • 11:30 – buses Konya and Izmir
  • 12:00 – buses Ankara and Istambul
  • 12:30 – buses Isparta and Aydin
  • 14:00 – buses Malatya and Samsun, Izmir and Bodrum
  • 15:00 – buses Ankara and Istambul
  • 16:30 – buses Kayseri
  • 18:00 – buses Ankara
  • 19:30 – buses Adana and Mersin