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Buying clothes in Istanbul, Turkey

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Buying clothes in Istanbul, Turkey

Buying clothes in Istanbul, Turkey

I always travel with minimum clothes possible. This means, that after a few months traveling, I need to get some new clothes and throw the old ones away.

Turkey is very cheap in many things and One of the things is clothing.

There is huge selection of clothing to buy in Istanbul and very good prices and quality.

Turkey is a country with a highly developed textile industry and exports a lot of clothes for all the countries of Europe and North Africa.

There are many shops to choose from on the streets, and you can still can take advantage of the best prices with 40% and 50% discount during the discount season.

You can buy a good pair of pants from 40 to 70 Turkish Lira (20 to 35 euros), T-shirts for 5, 10 or 15 Turkish Lira (2.5 to 7 euros) many shoes, bags, underwear, etc..

The best place to buy good clothes and get best possible prices is on Istiklal Avenue is because there are many branded stores, but also shops and malls with so called “white brand” of very good quality but no famous brand or company.

If you are thinking of renovating your wardrobe and traveling to Istanbul in the near future, take an empty backpack and buy everything there.