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Restaurant Pilav Dunyasi in Istanbul Turkey

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Restaurant Pilav Dunyasi in Istanbul Turkey

Restaurant Pilav Dunyasi in Istanbul Turkey

I now give a good address of a good and cheap restaurant in Istanbul, which is headquartered in Besiktas but has other around the city.

This restaurant in addition to various meat dishes and salads, still has some vegetarian options like bean stew and tomato sauce with peppers that I love so much. This accompanied with pilav – white rice with chickpeas makes the perfect vegan meal.

You can eat a menu pilaf + beans + water for 3.5 Tl.

If you happen to pass by Besiktas go to this restaurant is very easy to get there, and with inexpensive and traditional food.

This is not a tourist restaurant. There is still one in CocamustafaPasa in Fatih which is near the Grand Bazaar. This restaurant has many menus from 5 to 10 Tl.

Other Restaurant Pilav Dunyasi in Istanbul

  • Sinanpasa MH. Sehit Cad N31A, Besiktas Istanbul
  • Caferaga MH. Sakizgulu Sk N21/2, Kadikoy Istanbul
  • Kayisdagi Cad., Yeditepe Universitesi, Karsis N1 Kayisdagi, Atasehir Istanbul
  • Rasimpasa Mah. Halitaga Cad. N36B, Kadikoy Istanbul
  • Kocamustafapasa Cad. Cambaziye Mektebi Sok. N10, Kocamustafapasa – Fatih Istanbul