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Clubs in Lviv, Nightclubs in Lviv Ukraine

Filed in Ukraine by on April 5, 2012 0 Comments

Visiting Ukraine and not spending a couple of nights out in a club, will make your trip with something missing. Lviv club scene is very lively and you have quite a wide choice of good nightclubs in Lviv to entertain you. Many people chose to come to Ukraine to add some spice to their European holidays, combining nice and sociable Ukrainian people, cheap drinks and nice girls; On this page I try to make a small list of best places to go out at night in Lviv. I hope it’s somehow useful.

Try some Ukrainian rock music playing live every night of the week, try the Kult Club in street Vul Chaykovskoho 7, Kult Culb in Lviv is located on a basement near the Philharmonia;

Picasso club, for those who want the most frequented club in Lviv, will make it a fantastic night. Also for those that want to meet some boys and girls, this will definatelly be the place. Picasso club in Lviv is located inside an old theater on street vul Zelena 88. Entrance fee ranges from 15 to 30 uah;

If you wish something cool, where some nice people go, try the fantastic and cheerful Pozitiff club. Although only accepts members, you can always try to get your pass on the internet, or, just try your look on the Pozitif door.

Pozitiff has live music, crazy theme party’s and really nice Dj’s. I personally went to Pozitiff dozens of times during my stay in Lviv for almost half an year. great people, interesting staff and great meals and juices you can eat. Free wifi internet for everyone. Its open during the day also.