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World Heritage Sites in Ukraine, Ukraine UNESCO Sites

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World Heritage Sites in Ukraine, Ukraine UNESCO Sites

In preparation for travel, I tried to get information about the Ukrainian sites inscribed by UNESCO on its list of World Heritage. Ukraine has many destinations with this UNESCO status, but also has a long list of sites that attempt to enter, and they are possibly also worth a visit.

I made a list of UNESCO sites in Ukraine, I hope it is useful for your travels. More information on the website of UNESCO: UNESCO Ukraine.

UNESCO Cultural Sites in Ukraine

  • Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev and adjacent Monasteries (1990)
  • Historical center of Lviv (1998)
  • Struve Geodetic Arc Lviv (2005)

UNESCO Natural Sites in Ukraine

  • Virgin Forests of the Carpathians (2007)

Attempt list of UNESCO Sites in Ukraine

  • Center Tchernigov history of centuries IX and XIII (1989)
  • Cultural Landscape of Canyon Kamenets-Podilski (1989)
  • Ruins of ancient city of Chersonese, fourth century BC to the twelfth century (1989)
  • Tomb Tarass Shevtchenko Tomb and Museum of Natural History (1989)
  • Natural Biosphere Reserve of the Steppes “Askaniya Nowa” (1989)
  • Park Dendrologic “Sofijivka” (2000)
  • Bagçesaray Palace in Crimea – Crimean Khans (2003)
  • Archaeological Site of Grave Stone – “Stone Tomb” (2006)
  • Mykolayiv Astronomical Observatory (2007)
  • Monuments of the complex of the Fortress of Sudak – VI and XVI centuries (2007)
  • Bukovynian House (2007)
  • Astronomical Observatories of Ukraine (2008)
  • The Centre’s historic port city of Odessa (2009)