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Photos of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Photos of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a wonderful place for those who like to try different things and different travel destinations. Why Dubai is a different city? Well, it is very recent city, that only appeared in the last 30 years – but it took a violent growth giving birth to an exotic and modern city.

Today is a city full of skyscrapers, pristine beaches, shopping malls, luxury hotels, gorgeous architecture, very expensive cars, women and men dressed in black in white. It is certainly a place to feel modernity. I have on this page a small gallery of photos of Dubai. I hope you like them.

The reason why I liked Dubai was because I had access to a whole different world within the rest of the Emirates. While in UAE I was in the desert, the beach, the mountains and futuristic cities. I loved being surrounded by skyscrapers in one day, and just the day after being in the desert with orange sand and camels.

Pictures of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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