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About Bukhara in Uzbekistan

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Bukhara Uzbekistan

Bukhara is a small town with more than 140 monuments to visit. The magic of Bukhoro-i-Sharif (Noble Bukhara) seems to center itself around Lyabi-Hauz pool surrounded by restaurants and some fourteenth century Medressas of great magnificence decorated with mosaics and exotic patterns of great beauty.

In this seventeenth century square you can appreciate the Medrassa Nadir, the Divanbegi Kukeldashi Madrassa and the largest Islamic school at the time of Abdullah II. Still in Hauz Lyabi there a statue of Hoja Nasruddin.

A visit to the exciting markets of the Sil Route where you can buy rugs and other handicraft make also a pleasant tour in Bukhara. This town is very quiet and a great place to relax for a couple of days.

I caught the legendary train from Tashkent to Bukhara which was a real adventure and it took me 12 hours to travel over 600km. I had the chance of meeting local people also traveling on the train and they were all very nice to me.

Bukhara Uzbekistan

Bukhara is a great place to visit, without doubt one of the most interesting places I ever visited in my life. I was passionate about the number of old Quranic schools that are still standing and very well preserved, now thanks to UNESCO world heritage program.

This city is spectacular in a historical sense and I was impressed with the amount of monuments from the time of the Silk Road. I do not remember when I felt so well how I felt here. It is a special place to visit and stay for a while, full of peace and good energy.

Bukhara is a holy city for Muslims and it was during the ninth and tenth centuries that reached the utmost importance. In 1220 he succumbed to the power of Genghis Khan and finally lost completely its importance with the Empire of Timur who focus and gave importance to Samarkand as a cultural center for the whole Central Asia.

I spent two days in Bukhara and was sleeping in a family guest house, which is the way to be in contact with an Uzbek family and pay a little less than a hotel. For $ 10 I had one bedroom with private bathroom and breakfast. Perfect.