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Self-Drive Safaris in South Africa Parks & Game Reserves – How to Travel Independently

Self-Drive Safaris in South Africa Parks & Game Reserves - How to Travel Independently

Self-Drive Safaris in South Africa Do you want to make a self-drive safari in South Africa’s Parks & Game Reserves? One of my last road trips was to the southern part of Africa. I traveled with a rental car through countries such as South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Botswana. I got my plane ticket just a couple of days before departure and had nothing organized. I only knew I would like to visit the most UNESCO World Heritage sites possible. So, I got myself a Michelin road map and circled these UNESCO sites with a marker. I quickly drew a possible and logical itinerary in southern Africa. During one month I drove around 9000 km / 5590 mi, in which I experienced and got some knowledge regarding self-driving in National Parks and Game Reserves around all these countries. This travel article will only focus on my self-drive safaris…

Moped in Sahara Desert – Moroccan Motorcycle Adventure

Moped in Sahara Desert - Moroccan Motorcycle Adventure

A few years ago – when I was living in the Sahara Desert city of Erfoud, my friend Samuel Santos from the travel blog “Dobrar Fronteiras” visited me. While trying to figure out something interesting we could do, I came up with the idea of riding a motorcycle on the desert tracks – along the Algerian border. From Erfoud, we would take the tracks along the heavily armed border line between Morocco and Algeria. From the army post of Tisserdmine, we would ride all the way to Erg Chebbi Dunes to a hotel called Auberge Café du Sud. From Auberge Café du Sud, we would take the tracks back to Erfoud – profiting from the existing 8.5 miles / 14 km of asphalt. ? Map of itinerary: So far everything seems ok, right? What is then peculiar about this trip? Well, the motorcycle was not really an authentic motorcycle… I mean,…

#Vanlife Kyrgyzstan: One-Month Road Trip with a Camper Van


Travel in Central Asia with a Camper Van Traveling with a campervan is always rewarding in terms of personal experience. The liberty of being able to go whatever road you impulsively chose, sleep anywhere you want and decide the exact time when to leave a certain place, makes this type of travel a perfect fit for the independent-minded and spontaneous traveler. At this moment you should be asking yourself: “Wait a minute, traveling TO Central Asia with a campervan?” And my answer: Well, yes, going from Europe and traveling around the Central Asian countries with a campervan is something perfectly possible and safe to do. Actually, Kyrgyzstan is one of the most open countries for tourists in the region, and most of the Western nations can enter Kyrgyzstan visa-free for up to 60 days. Kyrgyzstan vs Campervan / Van Life Kyrgyzstan is a land where mountains reach over 7000 m (22,965…

Driving in Russia – Winter road trip Madness Edition

Driving in Russia - Winter road trip Madness Edition

Driving in Russia Russia is the biggest country in the world. It is approximately 75% bigger than the United States or Canada. And it is 186 times bigger than my home country, Portugal. It has about 143 million people and covers an enormous distance going from Europe, through Asia to the Pacific Ocean – to the other side of the globe in the Sea of Japan and even close to Alaska just after the Bering Sea. I was always very curious about a possible trip to Russia so, while living in Finland, I decided to cross the border and drive along during the Winter season. Why going to Russia from Finland? Because I got a scholarship to study Fine Arts at the Art Institute of Kankaanpää, which belongs to the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. So, the Russian Federation was just there, across the border. My driving adventure through Russia took me to explore 4383km…

Central Asia Rally – 6500 km / 4000 mi Road Trip Adventure

The Central Asia Rally - Adventure Race into History

Central Asia Rally Have you ever heard about a banger rally? Those crazy car rallies that cross a few countries while driving old or funny decorated vehicles? Well, I’m going to give you my personal insight about one of those unique road trips – the Central Asia Rally. Back in 2012 I participated in such a motoring event as this one. “Road trip adventure from Europe to the heart of the Silk Route.” After participating on the Caucasian Challenge Rally (crossing the Caucasus region at the border of Europe and Asia between the Black and the Caspian seas) a few years before, I ended up participating in another event of the same kind. I invited my friend João Paulo Peixoto to be my travel partner. He has been to all the countries in the world so, for him, the thrill was the experience and not really visiting these countries again. Personally…

Driving in South America – Quito to Ushuaia road trip

Driving in South America - Ecuador to Ushuaia road trip

Driving in South America I started Driving in South America after having completed several months going through the jungle and up the Amazon River by boat. I decided to change my means of transportation. Why? I bought a car in Quito, Ecuador’s capital. All those months of backpacking, sleeping in hammocks, river boats and piranhas were over. From now on the trip was about road maps, gasoline, car insurance, customs border control, etc… The trip was taken to another dimension. I could now visit more destinations along the way, because when traveling by boat or by bus, I was not able to visit anything in between. Being able to drive enabled me to explore many more places since I could stop whenever I wanted. Indeed the chance of Driving in South America was just the start of a new adventure. The goal now was to get to the city of Ushuaia…

Driving in Iraqi Kurdistan – Amedi to Barzan Road Trip

Driving in Iraq - Amedi to Barzan Road Trip

I visited Northern Iraq for 11 days. When I was in the Kurdish town of Amedia, someone made me a proposal I just couldn’t refuse. Driving. I love to drive. Actually, this is possibly my favorite way of traveling. Next to the church of Saint Mary lives a Christian family that wanted to know more about the reasons of my visit to Amedia. Pethio, a gentleman in his sixties, introduced me to his family, offered me tea and fetched a book written in Syriac. He explained me a bit of his religion, of his history and of the history of Syriac Christians in Iraq. Pethio teaches English in the neighboring village Kani and has two sons in the USA and another one in Australia. After a joyful conversation with Pethio and some more men who had joined us, he asked me: “Do you have a driving license?” Pethio has a car,…

Driving in Afghanistan, South Asia – Road trip Survival Guide

Driving in Afghanistan - Road trip Survival Guide

Driving in Afghanistan Afghanistan Road Trip Does Driving in Afghanistan or enduring an Afghanistan Road Trip sound crazy? Afghanistan is an amazing country, with beautiful landscape scenery and friendly people. Yet it has been damaged by war for many decades. Traveling in Afghanistan is not a holiday option for most travelers, but those who actually visit it come back with great travel memoirs. Road from the Tajik border to Kunduz Taking your own car into Afghanistan is entirely possible and very doable. Writing a Survival Guide about Driving Afghanistan may seem crazy, but there are a few travelers, adventurous enough to enter the country driving their own wheels, either by car or motorcycle. Driving in Afghanistan – Survival Guide 1- Get your Road Permit » Driving in Afghanistan will require a document called road permit or permit of vehicle entrance to Afghanistan. This particular document can be issued by the consulate…

#Vanlife Iraq: One-month road trip with a Camper Van

One month road trip in Iraq with a 4X4 Camper Van

Driving a camper van in Iraq Ok, I have to admit that I realize you might think that the idea of traveling in Iraq might sound a bit mad and how this article’s title “One-month road trip in Iraq with a Camper Van” sounds even crazier. Being fascinated by its history and culture, I traveled three times to Iraq so far, and I can’t get enough of it. During my one-year van life trip across Central Asia and the Middle East, I decided to return to this ancient country and visit some places where I haven’t been previously. #Vanlife Iraq For a long time forgotten, Iraq is now a mysterious country since we don’t hear people speaking about traveling there that often (due to the lack of security). Before the American invasion of its territory, Iraq was safe and had thousands of western tourists visiting it every year. Unfortunately, nowadays Iraq…

Driving in Italy & San Marino – Venice to Rome Road Trip

Driving in Italy & San Marino - Venice to Rome Road Trip

Driving in Italy Venice to Rome Road Trip Italy is possibly every traveler’s dream. If you’re looking for history, renowned cuisine, friendly people or lively music, Italy is one of the most exciting and romantic European destinations. On one of my trips to Italy, I flew into Venice and then out from Rome. I got a rental car in Venice and indulged myself on a fabulous 1255 km / 780 mi road trip in Italy, all the way to Rome via San Marino – one of the smallest independent states in the world. Driving in Italy is very easy because roads are excellent and there are always road signs with directions everywhere. Road distance from Venice to Rome Map of Venice to Rome Road Trip Italy road trip itinerary: Venice, Ferrara, Ravenna, San Marino, Urbino, Foligno, Assisi, Amalfi, Positano, Pompei, Rome and Vatican. Visiting Italy without targeting its vast historical heritage…

Driving in Oman – Muscat to Salalah Road Trip – Two Weeks/3000 km

Driving in Oman

Driving in Oman Oman is a fascinating country that has just been discovered by mainstream tourism in recent years. More than a decade ago, I had the chance of driving in Oman and visit some of the country’s best attractions and points of interest. As most of you know, I love to travel and drive, so I didn’t waste time in getting myself a rental car in Muscat and drive around the country without any previously made itinerary or planning. I entered Oman hitchhiking on a truck, coming from the United Arab Emirates all the way to Khasab, in the Ras Musandam Peninsula. After, I got a ferry-boat to Muscat from where I started my road trip in Oman. During my two weeks Oman road trip I visited many castles, sand dunes, archaeological sites, markets, mountains and even a prophet’s tomb. Read my article on the Oman Ministry of Tourism official…

Distance Calculator: Find Travel Distances Between Cities


Welcome to « Nomad Revelations » personalized road trip distance calculator. This distance calculator is a useful tool for determining distances between cities and displaying a real-time itinerary on a map. To use this road trip distance calculator choose the departure and arrival city, the type of travel, the distance unit, and press « Get Distance ». Road Trip Distance Calculator

Driving in Cuba – Two Week Road Trip – All you need to know

Driving in Cuba 2 weeks - All you need to know

Driving in Cuba Cuba Road Trip After having stayed more than a week in Havana with my friends, I decided to jump off the capital and begin to seriously explore the island. Since public transportation to smaller villages in Cuba is a bit unreliable, the best way to know the country, without a doubt, is to have your own wheels. This way you can travel freely and go wherever and whenever you want. After an intense hour in Havana searching for the best car rental prices, I found out that all companies have the same prices as they were all state owned. At the time I traveled in Cuba, there were no private rent-a-car companies. I decided to go with CUBACAR. After dealing with the car rental agreement and rental terms & conditions, Mr. Carlos León from the rental company office quickly explained me a few things to consider while driving…

Driving in Saudi Arabia: Jeddah to Riyadh Road Trip – Two Weeks/3000 km

Driving in Saudi Arabia

Driving in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is a country traditionally closed to tourism. At least tourism as we understand it, because the pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina bring to the country millions of people a year, but they are religious tourists. Driving in Saudi Arabia came up as the perfect idea in order to explore this Arab kingdom independently. During two weeks, I drove my rental car 3000 km (1864 mi) along some of the most beautiful sites of the northern region of Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, I will visit Saudi Arabia once again, and explore the southern regions. Saudi Arabia conservative nature leads it to reduce contact with the outside to the bare minimum, especially as far as the Western world is concerned. It is one of the countries in the world for which it is almost impossible to obtain a tourist visa, especially for an independent trip, but now there…

Driving in Iceland: Ring Road + Westfjords Road Trip – 15 Days

Driving in Iceland - 15 days road trip - Ring Road + Westfjords

Driving in Iceland Iceland Road Trip I spent 15 days exploring Iceland driving on my own. Iceland is a transcontinental island located in Europe and North America, between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Driving in Iceland is very easy, somehow lonely and introspective. During two weeks I had the opportunity to drive the Iceland’s Ring Road + Westfjords and visit many of the best destinations that the country has to offer. Iceland is definitely not a country to visit if you’re in search of history, monuments, and museums. Basically, this is a country for nature lovers. Iceland is famous for its gorgeous scenery, amazing nature, endless glaciers, fabulous fjords, cliffs, breathtaking waterfalls, geysers and all kinds of other geothermal phenomena. I really enjoyed my trip to Iceland and is actually a country that I am thinking to visit again very soon. After a couple of days dedicated to visiting…

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