Driving in Iraq - Amedi to Barzan Road Trip
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Driving in Iraqi Kurdistan – Amedi to Barzan road trip

Amedi to Barzan Road Trip I visited Northern Iraq for 11 days. When I was in the Kurdish town of Amedia, someone made me a proposal I just couldn’t refuse. Driving. I love to drive. Actually, this is possibly my favorite way of traveling. Next to the church of Saint Mary lives a Christian family […]

Driving in Afghanistan - Road trip Survival Guide
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Driving in Afghanistan, south Asia – Road trip survival guide

Driving in Afghanistan Afghanistan Road Trip Does Driving in Afghanistan or enduring an Afghanistan Road Trip sound crazy? Afghanistan is an amazing country, with beautiful landscape scenery and friendly people. Yet it has been damaged by war for many decades. Traveling in Afghanistan is not a holiday option for most travelers, but those who actually […]

Driving in Iceland - 15 days road trip - Ring Road + Westfjords
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Driving in Iceland: ring road + Westfjords road trip – 15 days

Driving in Iceland Iceland Road Trip I spent 15 days exploring Iceland driving on my own. Iceland is a transcontinental island located in Europe and North America, between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Driving in Iceland is very easy, somehow lonely and introspective. During two weeks I had the opportunity to drive the […]

Driving in South America - Ecuador to Ushuaia road trip
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Driving in South America – Quito to Ushuaia road trip

Driving in South America I started Driving in South America after having completed several months going through the jungle and up the Amazon River by boat. I decided to change my means of transportation. Why? I bought a car in Quito, Ecuador’s capital. All those months of backpacking, sleeping in hammocks, river boats and piranhas […]

Self-Drive Safaris in South Africa Parks & Game Reserves - How to Travel Independently
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Self-drive South Africa guide to parks & game reserves

Self-Drive Safaris in South Africa Do you want to make a self-drive safari in South Africa’s Parks & Game Reserves? One of my last road trips was to the southern part of Africa. I traveled with a rental car through countries such as South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Botswana. I got my […]

The Central Asia Rally - Adventure Race into History
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Central Asia Rally – 6500 km / 4000 mi road trip adventure

Central Asia Rally Have you ever heard about a banger rally? Those crazy car rallies that cross a few countries while driving old or funny decorated vehicles? Well, I’m going to give you my personal insight about one of those unique road trips – the Central Asia Rally. Back in 2012 I participated in such […]

Driving in Russia - Winter road trip Madness Edition

Driving in Russia – Winter road trip – Madness edition

Driving in Russia Russia is the biggest country in the world. It is approximately 75% bigger than the United States or Canada. And it is 186 times bigger than my home country, Portugal. It has about 143 million people and covers an enormous distance going from Europe, through Asia to the Pacific Ocean – to the other side of […]

Moped in Sahara Desert - Moroccan Motorcycle Adventure
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Motorcycle adventure in Sahara Desert – Morocco

Motorcycle in Sahara NOTE: these pictures were taken 10 years ago with my cell phone, so expect bad image quality. Sorry about that. A few years ago – when I was living in the Sahara Desert city of Erfoud, my friend Samuel Santos from the travel blog “Dobrar Fronteiras” visited me. While trying to figure […]

One month road trip in Iraq with a 4X4 Camper Van
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Van Life Iraq: one-month road trip with a 4×4 camper van

Driving a camper van in Iraq Ok, I have to admit that I realize you might think that the idea of traveling in Iraq might sound a bit mad and how this article’s title “One-month road trip in Iraq with a Camper Van” sounds even crazier. Being fascinated by its history and culture, I traveled […]

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Distance calculator: Find travel distance between cities

Welcome to my personalized road trip distance calculator. This distance calculator is a useful tool for determining distances between cities and displaying a real-time itinerary on a map. To use this road trip distance calculator choose the departure and arrival city, the type of travel, the distance unit, and press « Get Distance ». Road […]

Driving in Italy & San Marino - Venice to Rome Road Trip
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Driving in Italy & San Marino – Venice to Rome road trip

Driving in Italy Venice to Rome Road Trip Italy is possibly every traveler’s dream. If you’re looking for history, renowned cuisine, friendly people or lively music, Italy is one of the most exciting and romantic European destinations. On one of my trips to Italy, I flew into Venice and then out from Rome. I got […]