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North America is an amazing continent to visit. It has a total of 23 countries with a total population of 739 million. The most spoken languages in North America are English, Spanish and French.

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Driving in Cuba – Two Week Road Trip – All you need to know

Driving in Cuba 2 weeks - All you need to know

Driving in Cuba Cuba Road Trip After having stayed more than a week in Havana with my friends, I decided to jump off the capital and begin to seriously explore the island. Since public transportation to smaller villages in Cuba is a bit unreliable, the best way to know the country, without a doubt, is to have your own wheels. This way you can travel freely and go wherever and whenever you want. After an intense hour in Havana searching for the best car rental prices, I found out that all companies have the same prices as they were all state owned. At the time I traveled in Cuba, there were no private rent-a-car companies. I decided to go with CUBACAR. After dealing with the car rental agreement and rental terms & conditions, Mr. Carlos León from the rental company office quickly explained me a few things to consider while driving…

Best Travel Experiences

Best Travel Experiences

Best Travel Experiences Throughout the World, there are many wonderful places to travel to. Yet, some unique experiences remain secrets, only a few people having the chance to become involved with them. On this page, I will describe some of the best travel experiences I’ve had, examples that can easily provide inspiration and motivation for your future travels. Please note: I’ve been traveling since 1999. So, some of the older photographs on this page are taken with more standard equipment and are of lesser quality than more recent images. Berber Triple Marriage in Sahara Desert I had the opportunity of being invited to an authentic Amazigh (Berber) triple marriage in the southeast Moroccan Sahara Desert. Having been living and working near the Erg Chebbi Dunes for four years, previous involvement with the local community facilitated my reception of this type of invitation. Although many people no longer marry in such a…

Momotombo Volcano and Lake Managua – Nicaragua

Incredible Momotombo Volcano and Lake Managua in Nicaragua

Visit Momotombo Volcano On the shores of Lake Managua, Momotombo volcano is one of the most important national symbols of Nicaragua. This is due to its beautiful symmetrical shape, whether you admire it from afar or close. Visit Momotombo A stunning cone-shaped volcano formed by overflown magma near the town of Puerto Momotombo on the shores of Lake Managua. This conical stratovolcano is built up by many layers of hardened lava. The 1610 eruption forced the inhabitants of León to run away and relocate 48 km / 30 mi west, leaving their city behind. Today the ruins of León Viejo (Old León) are adjacent to the small town of Puerto Momotombo. The volcano shape, extremely symmetrical, and the surrounding landscapes are impressive. From the hilltop of León Viejo ruins, we can fully appreciate a panoramic view of Lake Managua and the Momotombo Nature Reserve Volcanic Complex (Reserva Natural Complejo Volcánico Momotombo).…

18-month Travel Around the World – My Itinerary & Costs

Travel Around the World

Travel Around the World A few years back, I went traveling around the world during 18 months without any programmed destinations. I had no pre-arranged itinerary. I went along, feeling the trip, visiting countries that were emerging in my mind and on my wish list. I visited and stayed the time that I felt like to. If I liked a place I’d stay more time, if I didn’t like it so much, I’d move on. The main purpose of the trip was to visit all the seven continents: Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Asia and Pacific. On this section of my Round the World Travel Guide I’m not going to magically tell you how to go around the world for free, yet, I’m going to simplify and show you real data, detailed information with real facts, prices and travel ideas so that you can get inspired and motivated to…

Photos of Charming Old Cuba

Photos of Cuba

Photos of Cuba Cuba is a fascinating country with a cheerful and interesting culture. A trip to Cuba will be engraved in your memory forever. Cuba is an easy country to travel, people are friendly and you can safely move around everywhere all by yourself. I had the opportunity to travel around the island for a month and explore a bit of all its more touristic places as well as its secret spots. Basically I drove around the island on a rent-a-car, visiting Cuba best destinations including the most remote beaches and villages. I advise everyone to visit Cuba, and experience an unique travel destination. It seems, due to recent political changes, that Cuba is turning out to be gradually different from what it used to be. So on this page I invite you to enjoy 142 images of the Cuba we all gonna miss – the Cuba still held by…

Meaning of the Flags of the Americas

Meaning of the Flags of the Americas

The flags represent the national identity of each country. Each color has a meaning in the history of nations. American flags vary on color and meaning. On this page, I list all flags of North America, Central America, South America and their colors. Flags of the Americas Flag of Antigua and Barbuda 5 colors: red, black, blue, white, yellow. Meaning of the flag of Antigua and Barbuda: Black represents African ancestry and the soil; blue symbolizes hope; red stands for the strength of the people and the blood of slave forefathers; yellow, blue and white stand for tourist attractions sun, sea, and sand. The 7 point golden sun of the flag represents the dawn of a new era. The “V” formed by the red borders represents: “Victory at last”. Flag of Argentina 3 colors: blue, white, yellow. Meaning of the flag of Argentina: The colors of Argentina’s flag probably represent the…

Inspiring Places to Visit in North America – Travel Guide

North America Travel Guide

North and Central America Travel Guide “An extraordinary continent to visit, North America has a total of 23 countries and a population of 739 million. The most prevalent languages in North America are English, Spanish and French. “ My Top North America Trinidad colorful city, Cuba Chichicastenango market, Guatemala Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen-Itza, Mexico Utila charming island, Honduras Suchitoto colonial town, El Salvador New York City, USA Pirates Bay, Trinidad & Tobago Bocas Town, Panama El Castillo, Nicaragua Tikal National Park, Guatemala Maya Site of Copan, Honduras Joya de Cerén Archaeological Site, El Salvador San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala Caye Caulker limestone coral island, Belize Mayan Ruins of Tulum, Mexico Colonial Mexico City, Mexico Lake Managua and Momotombo Volcano, Nicaragua Inspiring Places to Visit in North America On this page is a list of North America’s Best Destinations. 1- Visit Trinidad, Republic of Cuba Founded as “Villa De la Santisima Trinidad”…

Central America Backpackers Hotels

Benque Resort & Spa in Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize

Budget and Backpackers Hotels in Central America with step-by-step practical information, photos, prices and contact. Cheap hostels and nice hotels I stayed in Central America. This is the list of places I stayed during my trip to Central America – from Mexico to Panama. I always got budget options, with the only exceptions of Panama City, Portobelo and San José. My favorites – TOP 5 Accommodation in Central America: Magnolia Inn in Panama City, Panama Hotel San Antonio in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala Hotel Tropical in El Castillo, Nicaragua Casa Congo Lodging in Portobelo, Panama Hospedaje La Libertad in Granada, Nicaragua Geographic order of these hotels / hostels: Mexico – Belize – Guatemala – El Salvador – Honduras – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama. Hotel Templo Mayor in Mexico City, Mexico I stayed 3 nights in this room. Double room €23 Euros per night Posada Kari in Piste (Chichen…

Pirate’s Bay in Charlotteville – Trinidad and Tobago

Inspiring Pirate's Bay of Charlotteville in Trinidad and Tobago

Pirate’s Bay Pirate’s Bay is a beautiful hidden spot located near Charlotteville on the north-eastern part of Tobago Island. Getting to the beach itself is not very easy, as you need to walk for a while. Down the stairs with a lot more than 100 steps you finally get to the incredible beach. The easy way to get there is by asking a fisherman in Man of War Bay to take you by boat. “The crystal clear water with several sailboats moored is of a unique beauty and a fantastic snorkeling site. The sunset came to flood the bay with an unbelievably dazzling light.” The history of Trinidad and Tobago dates since its discovery in the late fifteenth century by the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. Unfortunately, the Spaniards, the first settlers, decimated the Kalipuna, Carinepogoto, Carine and Arauca native population. These islands were very disputed by France, Germany, and England to…

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