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Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia


Country profile:

Location: Horn of Africa.
Borders: Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya.
Capital: Addis Ababa.
Area: 1,104,300 km2.
Population: 99,465,819.
Currency: Birr ETB.
Ethiopian Empire created: year 1137.

Travel articles about Ethiopia

Injera – the delicious national dish of Ethiopia – East Africa

Injera - the delicious national dish of Ethiopia - East Africa

While traveling in Ethiopia, I got to try their national food called injera – a type of flat bread. The main ingredient of injera is teff flour, but sometimes some people use barley, corn, wheat or rice flour. Injera is without a doubt, the most famous food in Ethiopia. Along with another Ethiopian dish called ful medames, I mainly ate injera every day, except while traveling in the south where they have different food traditions. ? This food from Ethiopia got my attention due to: the unusual sourdough unexpected spongy texture of the dough injera is to be eaten with the hand variety of stews served with injera very cheap price always a vegetarian injera available Ethiopian cuisine is delicious and famous mainly because of injera. There are also different varieties of injera: nech (white injera), kay (red injera) and tikur (black injera). Although it requires some practice not to get…

Inspiring Places to Visit in Africa – Travel Guide

Africa Travel Guide

Africa Travel Guide “Africa is an amazing continent to visit, the Cradle of Humankind. It has a total of 54 countries with a total population of 1.1 billion people. The most spoken languages in Africa are Arabic, Somali, Berber, Amharic, Oromo, Swahili, Hausa, Igbo, Fulani, and Yoruba.” My Top Africa Unreachable lost desert city of Timbuktu, Mali Ancient Ksar of Ait Benhaddou adobe fortified village, Morocco 4600 year old 146 m / 481 ft Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt Orange color sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, Morocco 13th century monolithic cave churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia Holy city of Harar, Ethiopia Chinguetti desert city, Mauritania 9000-year-old rock paintings of Laas Geel, Somaliland Crazy mystical city of Marrakesh, Morocco Bushmen rock paintings in Ha Khotso, Lesoto Kairouan religious city, Tunisia Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, South Africa Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe Bwabwata National Park, Namibia Fajã de Água village, Cape Verde Fogo National…

Lake Tana, Stone Castles and Holy Wars – Ethiopia

Lake Tana, Stone Castles and Holy Wars - Ethiopia

All along the 16th and 17th centuries, the ancient region of Abyssinia was struggling to maintain its millennial-year old cultural values, protecting its religion and language against Islam. This was a time of ferocious Holy Wars. On the shores of Lake Tana – Ethiopia, there are still the remains of a small village, dating from the early 1600’s, that totally changed the country’s architecture style. Throughout history, Ethiopia has always been a leading Christian territory. In 1487, D. João II – the Portuguese King, sent Pêro da Covilhã and Afonso de Paiva to Ethiopia to investigate the location of that mythical kingdom, in an attempt to make it a possible ally on a subsequent expedition to India. Pêro da Covilhã stayed there and eventually integrated himself within the community, mixing with the locals. Documents are proving that, around the year 1543, there was a small Luso-Ethiopian community in the region. As…

Feeding Hyenas in Ethiopia – Wild Beasts Encounter

Wild Beasts Encounter - Feeding Hyenas in Ethiopia

Feeding Hyenas in Ethiopia Clank! That was the sound of Africa’s second strongest bite in close contact with my ear. For a quick moment, it actually crossed my mind the possibility of losing it. During my trip to Ethiopia, I got to visit Harar, a sacred Muslim city said to be the fourth holiest city of Islam. Yes, I was feeding wild hyenas in Ethiopia – East Africa. Harar – Ethiopia Ethiopia is an amazing country and after two weeks I discovered a place of ancient history, beautiful and friendly people, good food and amazing scenery. Harar is situated on a hill of the Ethiopian plateau eastern extension about 500 kilometers from Addis Ababa. Apart from its historical spirituality related heritage, Harar is famous in Ethiopia for its hyenas’ feeding rituals. Legend says that spirits, called djinns, live in the nearby mountains. The wild hyenas come down to feed themselves in…

37 Historical Places to Visit in Ethiopia

37 Historical Places to Visit in Ethiopia

Visit Ethiopia Ethiopia is a fantastic East African destination. I had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia and explore its major historical sites. Considered as the cradle of mankind, Ethiopia is the oldest region of human settlement. I urge everyone to give Ethiopia a chance and discover its friendly people, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible ancient history. Ethiopia – the first Christian nation – holds fantastic religious buildings and other historical destinations with castles, palaces, and hundreds-year-old mausoleums. On this page, I make a list of 37 historical places to travel in Ethiopia which are undoubtedly the country’s major tourist attractions. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this page with your friends. Short facts about Ethiopia: Zipporah – Moses’s wife – was an Ethiopian. Queen of Sheba – an Ethiopian – had a son with King Solomon of Israel. King Solomon’s reign dates back from 970 until 931 BC. Emperor Menelik…

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