Republic of Iraq


Country profile:

Location: Western Asia.
Borders: Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria.
Capital: Baghdad.
Area: 437,072 km2.
Population: 38,146,025.
Currency: Iraqi Dinar IQD.
Independence from UK: year 1932.

Travel articles about Iraq

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Visit Baghdad – City adventure guide to the capital of Iraq

Visit Baghdad There are places to which all travelers dream of venturing at least once in their lifetime. Some of my close friends have repeatedly informed me they’ve noticed I’m drawn towards unusual travel destinations, perhaps because of my affinity towards places most people usually don’t go. My truth is, having the opportunity to find […]

Mesopotamian Marshes, The rebirth of Iraqi Venice
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Mesopotamian marshes, The rebirth of Iraqi Venice

Visit Mesopotamian Marshes The Mesopotamian Marshes are a wetland region located in southern Iraq, a natural monument that also includes part of Southwest Iran. These are considered to be Western Eurasia’s largest wetlands ecosystems. This unusual place in the desert had plenty of water, so it used to be very productive and prosperous. Throughout history, […]

Travel in Iraq - Amazing Places that are possible to visit in 2016
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25 of the Best Places to Visit in Iraq (2019)

Visit Iraq Iraq is a fascinating country located in Western Asia. Touristically speaking, Iraq lost its place in the world tourism arena. For a long time forgotten, Iraq is now a mysterious country since we don’t hear people speaking about traveling there that often (due to the lack of security). Before the unilateral American incursion […]

One month road trip in Iraq with a 4X4 Camper Van
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Van Life Iraq: one-month road trip with a 4×4 camper van

Driving a camper van in Iraq Ok, I have to admit that I realize you might think that the idea of traveling in Iraq might sound a bit mad and how this article’s title “One-month road trip in Iraq with a Camper Van” sounds even crazier. Being fascinated by its history and culture, I traveled […]

Visit the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
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31 lesser-known destinations to visit in Iraqi Kurdistan – Part 2

Visit Iraqi Kurdistan Welcome to the second part of my travel guide to the unknown destinations of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. On this page, I focus on the least famous destinations in Iraqi Kurdistan: Caves, Waterfalls, Castles, Shrines, Rock-reliefs, Temples, and Archaeological Sites. If this is your arrival page, you might want to start […]

Driving in Iraq - Amedi to Barzan Road Trip
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Driving in Iraqi Kurdistan – Amedi to Barzan road trip

Amedi to Barzan Road Trip I visited Northern Iraq for 11 days. When I was in the Kurdish town of Amedia, someone made me a proposal I just couldn’t refuse. Driving. I love to drive. Actually, this is possibly my favorite way of traveling. Next to the church of Saint Mary lives a Christian family […]

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Mosul after the liberation – Travel guide to a destroyed city

Visit Mosul Mosul. A word that was on the newspapers’ headlines for months and that was repeated countless times by reporters on the television evening news. Overall, Iraq was never a tourist destination. The last time this region was stable enough to be explored safely and independently… well, some might say it was when Saddam […]

Backpacking Travel Guide to Visit Northern Iraq
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Backpacking travel guide to visit Northern Iraq

Welcome to my page with information about traveling in Northern Iraq, aka Iraqi Kurdistan. Many people ask me why I visited Iraq and why I chose this country as a summer holidays destination. Most people have an Iraq with war in mind, the only Iraq they have seen on TV. In fact, many regions in […]

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Inspiring places to visit in Asia – Travel guide

Asia Travel Guide “Asia is a marvelous continent to visit. With a total of 49 countries and a population of 4.3 billion, the most prevalent languages in Asia are Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese, Wei, Thai, and English.” My Top Asia The 16th century World Heritage square Naqsh-e Jahan in Isfahan, Iran 427 […]

Hitchhiking Iraqi Kurdistan - Thumbing from Dohuk to Aqrah
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Hitchhiking Iraqi Kurdistan – Thumbing from Dohuk to Aqrah

Hitchhiking in Iraqi Kurdistan If you’re thinking about Hitchhiking Iraqi Kurdistan, I hope this travelogue motivates you for such an adventure. I visited Northern Iraq for eleven days in 2009 and again for one month in 2018 driving my campervan. Kurdish people are very welcoming and friendly, and I loved my trip to this part […]