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Republic of Mali


Country profile:

Location: West Africa.
Borders: Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania.
Capital: Bamako.
Area: 1,240,192 km2.
Population: 14,517,176.
Currency: West African CFA franc XOF.
Independence from France: year 1960.

Travel articles about Mali

Inspiring Places to Visit in Africa – Travel Guide

Africa Travel Guide

Africa Travel Guide “Africa is an amazing continent to visit, the Cradle of Humankind. It has a total of 54 countries with a total population of 1.1 billion people. The most spoken languages in Africa are Arabic, Somali, Berber, Amharic, Oromo, Swahili, Hausa, Igbo, Fulani, and Yoruba.” My Top Africa Unreachable lost desert city of Timbuktu, Mali Ancient Ksar of Ait Benhaddou adobe fortified village, Morocco 4600 year old 146 m / 481 ft Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt Orange color sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, Morocco 13th century monolithic cave churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia Holy city of Harar, Ethiopia Chinguetti desert city, Mauritania 9000-year-old rock paintings of Laas Geel, Somaliland Crazy mystical city of Marrakesh, Morocco Bushmen rock paintings in Ha Khotso, Lesoto Kairouan religious city, Tunisia Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, South Africa Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe Bwabwata National Park, Namibia Fajã de Água village, Cape Verde Fogo National…

Timbuktu the Mysterious – Deep inside the Malian desert

Timbuktu the Mysterious - Deep inside the Malian desert

Visit Timbuktu Timbuktu is located deep inside the Malian desert. During many centuries, Timbuktu was off-limits for foreigners and non-Muslims. Its geographic location and complicated political, religion and ethnic conflicts make Timbuktu a very hard place to get in or come out from still today. If you visit Timbuktu, you can add this to your list of personal travel life achievements. Visit Timbuktu – City Guide Timbuktu – “The meeting-place of all who travel by camel or canoe” in old Sudanese 16th century chronicles Timbuktu is one of Africa’s ultimate travel destinations and a dream come true for hardcore/off the beaten path travelers. Timbuktu, also spelled Timbuctoo, Timbuktoo or Tombouctou was founded back in the year 1100. It started as a Tuareg nomad seasonal camp, but during a couple of centuries it came up to be one of the most important commercial and religious outposts in all West Africa. Timbuktu is…

Timbuktu, Mali – How to get there the hard way


“This journey remains, to this day, among the craziest of experiences I’ve ever had in my life.“ So, you think this title is a dramatic attempt to assure you visit this adventure blog? Well, my trip to Timbuktu stands by its legend and getting there was, indeed, not as easy as most might think! One of Africa’s ultimate travel destinations and a dream come true for off the beaten path travelers, Timbuktu’s history is rooted as far back as the year 1100. A Tuareg nomad camp in origin, it became one of West Africa’s most important commercial and religious outposts within only a couple of centuries. Always a dream of mine to go to Timbuktu, I didn’t even think twice about traveling there while on a trip to Mali a few years ago. Many people used to access the godforsaken city from Mopti, but I decided to do it the hard…

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