Sultanate of Oman


Country profile:

Location: Arabian Peninsula.
Borders: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen
Capital: Muscat.
Area: 309,500 km2.
Population: 4,572,949.
Currency: Rial OMR.
Azd tribe migration: year 130.

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The Sultanate of Oman is a fascinating country located on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman is a mysterious nation since we don’t hear people speaking about it very often. It is quite easy to visit Oman because it’s very safe and full of very friendly and hospitable people. On this page, I […]

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Visit Ras Musandam Musandam is a peninsula in the north of Oman, a small isolated region surrounded by the Persian Gulf and separated from the rest of the country by a portion of land of the United Arab Emirates. Its landscape is dry and mountainous, full of impressive fjords, that can be explored on a […]

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Visit Masirah Island Masirah Island is a beautiful yet desolated place located on the coast of Oman, in the Indian Ocean. Due to its distant location and peculiar desert landscapes, probably only travelers that appreciate off the beaten path destinations will enjoy this place. I’m going to tell you about my visit to Masirah. Unexpected […]